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Argenta Direct Sales

Argenta offers talented and aggressively motivated professionals the opportunity to join a team that leads the industry in direct to consumer sales.

Argenta Direct Sales values the client, creates income streams for them through our sales mechanism, and focuses on quality & numbers rather than numbers alone. While this is paramount to our foundation, the foundation itself is  . Environment, Training, and Compensation are the tripod that support our workforce. The same way we believe in quality of sales, we believe even more in the quality of our people’s environment, training, and compensation.


Argenta started as a sub company under the umbrella company McLoba Partners LTD. After a lot of trials and tribulation McLoba decided to ask Doug Mitchell, who is now CEO and majority owner, to start managing the company. Doug was able to get the company to a small profit, enough so that McLoba could sell the company to regain their losses. Doug jumped on the opportunity and was able to secure purchase of Argenta and become the majority owner. Doug, now a business owner, immediately lost most of his sales team to another company, which at the time was a blessing. So, with one salesperson in Houston and himself in Corpus Christi, started out on a venture that would result in the current 6 markets and 3 divisions that Argenta is now. Everything in between is a story he loves to tell – ask him sometime !

Our Philosophy

Competition Breeds Great Performance

At Argenta Direct Sales, we pride ourselves on competition – whether it be between competitors, regions, offices, or individuals. Argenta uses tools like Top Salesman, Rookie of the Month, Office Wars, and daily competitions to ignite our people and incentivize them to excel in their volume as well as keeping a focus on quality.

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