“Your people have got to love where they work for you to get their best work!”

– Doug Mitchell

Matt Lookingbill

When I was first hired on to Argenta Direct Sales August 23, 2012, I really did not know what to expect. I came in as a sales rep with no experience.

I just wanted to come in, get my sales, and go home. I wanted nothing to do with managing or moving up in the company. I liked the flexible scheduling and averaging $1,000 a week. At that point in my life I thought I was balling and a grand a week was good enough for me. As time went by I was loving this company. There was always something cool and exciting going on around here. When I was hired on, the company was really small. I saw the growth potential so I stepped my game up, and with some hard work and motivation I moved up the ladder. On June, 2 2014, I got promoted to Regional Director.

I am now in charge of overseeing and managing the San Antonio offices and Corpus Christi office and that is just the beginning. In less than two years I went from sales rep to Regional Director. I w ent from living in a low income area in a 1,000 sq. ft. home to buying a new home more than double that size as well as a brand new truck.  All I wanted was just a decent job when I applied here and what I got was the best career I could ever have asked for.

Rob Rosas

When I came onboard with Argenta on December 12th 2015, I thought of it as “something just for now”. Little did I know the opportunity that was in store for me..

After 12 years in the Oilfield, things just weren’t steady anymore. I went from a job a month, to a job every other month. That’s when I decided it was time for a new job. The only other work experience I had was sales, Kirby Vacuums to be exact. It wasn’t easy changing my career path after a decade of wiping sweat and mud off of my pay checks. After my first full month with Argenta, I quickly realized I could earn that oilfield money AND be home every night. I quickly started to emerge out of my shell and began making a name for myself within the company. It was always important to establish myself as a top earner and show my full potential. I was attracted to the culture Doug had set up in the Corpus office, and I started climbing the ranks with the help from my manager Matt. After 11 months with the company, I was promoted to Market Manager and was offered the opportunity to relocate to San Antonio. It has been a very exciting ride thus far and I’m always looking forward to my future with Argenta!

Felix Wilcots

I joined Argenta in March 2014 as a Sales Manager.

I invested 2 1/2 yrs displaying my work ethic and team building skills to develop a successful campaign in Dallas, TX.  In September 2016, the CEO (Doug Mitchell)  extended me an opportunity to become a Dealer Partner.  This partnership opened the opportunity  for me to establish my own brand (LIV Marketing); which quick rose up in the ranks by contributing as much as 38% of the firms production in February.  This has been a thrilling experience that provided a wealth of knowledge in owning and operating my own marketing firm.  Not to sound cliche, but you really get out what you put in with this business.  I applaud those of you that have taken this leap of faith in entrepreneurship with me and encourage those of you who may be still standing on the ledge to… JUMP!

Raul Beltran

It is my wish that my story will inspire others to align themselves with this company, as it has been the answer to my prayers.

When I started with Argenta, my wife and I were hurting financially.  We were living in a modest apartment, we did all our commuting on the bus, and we had very little money in our bank account.   For me, that meant waking-up at 5am to catch the first of three buses that would get me to work.  After our daily meetings, I would board another bus that would take me to my “turf”.  After a full day in the field, I would take another series of buses that got me home by 9:00pm. After a few short months, we were able to lease a vehicle, furnish our apartment, and build our bank account.  By my fourth month with the company, I was offered a Market Manager position. Today, I am honored to have a thriving team of hard-working individuals who realize that there are no limits to the rewards that you can reap with Argenta Direct Sales.

Terrence Davis

The sky is the limit!

Before my journey with Argenta started in December 2015, I worked online for multiple Network Marketing companies, as well as a 9-5 call center job. Even with building successful teams through a four year networking marketing career, I still could not get that push I needed to create the lifestyle I desperately wanted. At first I thought I’d just join Argenta and pad my bank account for a while as a sales rep. But I quickly realized just how special the company was. Being ar ound such talented, motivated, and driven people created a sense of unity and common purpose that I had never experienced. We all wanted to win. In my first two days I bagged myself a promotion and made the most money in two weeks than I’d seen in almost two months with my previous opportunities. Motivated by competition within the network, I pushed myself to break a company record and established myself as a high roller of the campaign for quite some time. Just a few months after becoming a manager, we started a dealer partnership.

Being involved with this organization has not only given me financial stability, but the confidence and knowledge to duplicate success, as well as a platform we can build off and make our own. I am humbled, excited, and grateful for the opportunity Argenta has given us. What more can I say.. The sky is the LIMIT!

Porshia Fobbs

I started my journey with Argenta in November of 2015.

I had 2.5 years experience in Network Marketing previously. I attended The University of Texas at San Antonio prior to my Network Marketing experience.
When I started with Argenta, I was just looking for something to do in my spare time. I didn’t think I had much of a future with the company, until I found out I was actually pretty good at sales. I turned out to be one of the top sales repres entatives in the company, and loved every bit of it! I’ve always seen the vision and potential with Argenta, which is why I am still here! I had no idea that in a little over a year and a half I would get offered a Manager position.

I am so grateful I have received such a great opportunity at such a young age. This is still the beginning, and I couldn’t be more stoked about the things that are about to come in the near future. I’m fortunate to have a solid, motivated, and empowered group of individuals to work with! The sky is the limit, the potential is outstanding, and action is everything!