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Join a salesforce that doesn’t put limits on your ambitions.

Argenta offers talented and aggressively motivated professionals the opportunity to join a team that leads the industry in Field Sales.

Are you stuck in a position where your income is capped? Are you a salesperson being sold “the dream” but the “dollars and cents” don’t follow? Do you have an insane work ethic but no one to teach you the skills needed? Are you looking for a career instead of a paycheck?

We all are, but too often we are presented with positions that “get us by” or positions that are considered “respectable.”

Here’s the deal: Our jobs aren’t cut out for everyone and some people just don’t have what it takes.

The ones that do though, enjoy more freedom , money, and advancement than they ever could with “normal” jobs. This isn’t a job, it’s a punch-in-the-mouth opportunity for success.

"All I wanted was just a decent job when I applied here and what I got was the best career I could ever have asked for!"

Learn with a team. Work for yourself.

Training & Team Motivation

Argenta fosters a motivated culture of sales professionals by encouraging healthy competition. It is our belief that competition breeds great performance. The higher the stakes, the harder you’ll work because at Argenta, you’re really working for yourself.

When we are done training you and you put in the WORK, you will be more qualified to sell anything than 98% of the sales force out there. Here are the 4 pillars of our training for our sales careers:

Initial Training

Utilizing the latest technology, you are trained with video, modules, and role-play. After the in-classroom training is done you hit the field with a certified trainer and spend 3 days slowly working up to doing the enitre sale by yourself. Once the trainer is comfortable with your performance you are then allowed to sell solo with help nearby.

Daily Drills

We have DAILY meetings in which we do product knowledge, drills, and role-play. At the end of the meetings we let loose a little with a game.

These meetings are often the core of your development and are a safe place to make mistakes and work out kinks.

Continuing Education

At Argenta, we are committed to our reps and their success. Ongoing training is just one of the many ways we accomplish this. Meetings and pre-meeting workshops help our team to continually improve their craft.

Management Training

From day 1 we are molding you to become the next Argenta CEO. We foster advancement with a “if I can’t be replaced, I can’t be promoted” attitude. Everything has a process and policy that we use to develop you into our newest managers, we instill a work ethic in you that, even if you leave, benefits you indefinitely. We keep you asking, “What’s next?”

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