Direct Sales Solutions

Our company specializes in Direct Sales to the consumer. If your company needs to focus on the product instead of the salesforce, we are your solution. We take care of the sales — from payroll to training and from motivation to closing. Our ability to rival major national competitors while maintaining quality sales has kept us at the top of the list in this business. Whether you’re a Fourtune 500 company or a small business, we can tailor a sales team for you.


The #1 reason our clients outsource to us is the inability to find good salespeople.

We agree this is an industry pitfall. That’s why through years of research, wins, and losses we have developed a streamlined recruiting funnel that produces hundreds of quality new salespeople every month. We combine pay-per-click, social media, SEO, traditional web, and most importantly, referral incentives to become the powerhouse recruitment company we are today.

Safety and security is of utmost importance to us. This is why we utilize services like Protection Plus Solutions which not only conducts the initial background check on our reps but customers can even log on to the website and confirm they are legit. This gives you peace of mind that your name is represented ethically and professionally.


“Break them down, then pick them up and dust them off.”

This is a known management strategy in the sales world. Our new reps often come to us with bad habits, bad attitudes, and low self esteem. We breed an environment of confidence building, goal crushing, and competitive attitudes. Our reps understand “what it takes” and do “whatever it takes” to get there. They have dreams and goals and are outfitted with a plan to get there. Of course, we also have some of the best motivational speakers on the planet working for us and they get paid very well to pump these guys/girls up.

However, we are still humble and understand that being in the field can be difficult! No amount of external motivation can ensure forward momentum unless there is self motivation. We teach our reps that SELF MOTIVATION is the greatest motivation.


Team Argenta has won multiple awards nationwide for quality results from our training process. We break our training into 4 parts:

INITIAL TRAINING: You will receive training using the latest technology. This will include videos, modules, and role-playing scenarios.  Once the classroom portion of your training is complete, you will “hit the field” with a certified trainer for three days; working up to completing the entire sales process by yourself.  Once your trainer is comfortable with your performance, you will be allowed to sell solo.  Help is always available, if needed.

DAILY DRILLS: We have a DAILY meeting in which we do product knowledge, drills, and role-play. At the end of the meetings we let loose a little with a game. These meetings are often the core of rep development and are a safe place to make mistakes and work out kinks.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: We believe in training reps to excel in every position level in the company. We offer a plethora of online educational tools and videos for sales people.  The tools are founded on information-based selling rather than gimmicks or grey area.  Our sales reps are dedicated to Argenta because they see the proof in their managers who have promoted themselves from the sales rep level into management through our training program.

MANAGEMENT TRAINING: From day one, we’re molding you to become the next Argenta CEO.  We foster advancement with an “if I can’t be replaced, I can’t be promoted” attitude.  We have processes, procedures, and policies in place to develop you into our newest manager; we instill a work ethic in you that, even if you choose to leave, benefits you indefinitely.  We keep you asking, “What’s next?”


Closing is not what it used to be.

Gone are the days of slamming the customer and pressuring them to buy. This is an old, unethical, and outdated process and we plan on ridding the country of it. Today at Argenta we close the customer with information based tools. We practice LISTENING based selling. Then we address the customer’s needs with our product. Fortunately, we will only represent the BEST products in each industry so when your customers will always be fully satisfied. We also do not ask for the sale. If we’ve done our job properly we won’t have to – we will simply move to the next step of the signup. Our industry calls this assuming the sale. We call it a job well done.

The Driving Salesforce for Fortune 500 Companies Such As:

We proudly service our fortune 500 client using our client acquisition mechanism. AT&T was our first client. Our relationship with them continues to blossom in Texas and grow through out the mid-west.

Vivint is our newest client.  We are excited to be able to offer our customers another great service.

We are honored to provide DirecTV’s award winning service to businesses as well as homes!